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  I don't usually crow my good news on here very often, but there's been a fair bit of it lately so here goes. Amazon Canada has prepared a list of summer reading for kids. There are only 11 books on the list and four of those books are from The Sisters Eight series: Summer Reading for Kids....
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A little late today because…um…well, OK, I don’t have a really good excuse. I did tackle the reader request stack today, and beat it down to the point where I’m at letters postmarked approximately January 9th of this year, which is a minor miracle, frankly. Because I’ve been avoiding the e-mail...
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Life has been a little stressful here at Rancho Doghair these last few days, mostly due to my mother-in-law not feeling well, and Mr. Katie having to spend time with her at the hospital. She is home now, however, which is always good news. Also good news: I survived a night alone here at RD,...
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It's that day again--Tuesday, when I rip good news from innocent people without regard as to whether or not they happen to want their news spread about. Yes. Someone is in a bit of a curmudgeonly mood. We'll pass quickly over that and move straight to your good news. You have some, I assume. I...
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So. We're at Tuesday again. I'm a bit overwhelmed with last week's good news, still, so I'm just going to remain with that as this week's news, too. But that doesn't mean you guys are off the hook! I expect to hear all the news from you all!
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I’ve been a bit slow posting this morning because I was waiting for the offer to come in from my publisher for the next couple of books. I’m pleased to say that the offer was what we wanted (OK, it made my Darling Agent Michelle and me squeal like little girls, but that’s not uncommon for us). But...