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Good Morning | Good Morning

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It is hard to jump up out of bed and be excited because you know it is going to be a great day. Well, for me it is. I either have too much to do or nothing planned for the day. I'm not one of those people who eat crayons and fart rainbows. I have to work at making my day good. First things first. I...
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Five A.M. Outside my window, the silhouette of the mountain going from black to brown,  the  night's deep blue lightening to pale.  I  begin to make out shapes in the earth: sage, pine, stones.  The birds fill the air with their bird syllables, preparing for their day.  What are they doing?  Making...
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Good morning, friends,Formal address designations, I thought, had gone the way of the dinosaurs. In the feminist 1970s, we gave up the prevailing "Mrs." and "Miss" in favor of the equalizing "Ms.," a title celebrated by Gloria Steinem's magazine (www.msmagazine.com)....