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You always make the last putt.
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I know what you're thinking; when has professional golf ever been intriguing? Well, ever since Tiger Woods entered the pro ranks all the way back in 1996, the game of golf has literally exploded onto the global sports scene, attracting younger players from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic...
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Gosh. What a day. I have been Busy (with a capital B). Just in case you haven't managed to catch it yet (how can that be??!), here's a link to Maloney: the movie. Grab a chair, get a handful of popcorn and enjoy ... I had great fun doing it and, in case anyone's asking, I am now a Mac i-movie...
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Was utterly thrilled last night to get the cover art for my short story, Painting from Life, which will be published as an eBook by Eternal Press on 7 May. I totally and absolutely love it, and I think the artist, Amanda Kelsey, is a genius. I can't wait until it's up on the publisher website and I...
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It's that time of year again. Daylight Saving Time. Spring forward time. Be tired time. In case you hadn't noticed, I am a very reluctant daylight saving participant. We didn't even have daylight saving in Indiana when I was growing up. I wasn't "exposed" to the insanity until I left the...
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My, what a busy day. But actually I've quite enjoyed it, I haven't had a headache (hurrah!) and, strangely so far, haven't needed a nap. All of which may be a lesson to me in thinking again about what I believe to be good for me and what isn't. Ah well. Anyway, enough philosophy already - after all...
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God, what a day. It's really been one moment of crap followed closely by another moment of crap. On the whole. And ooh look another will be joining it shortly. Oh what joy. I am seriously pissed off. I don't know but people have been getting on my wick today, and irritating me beyond measure. Is it...
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I never thought about it really. It was just a weight that I carried around , as if ,for all the world that is was a part of me  and although it still felt heavy and cumbersome, it  was something I accepted naturally, like the way  the normal flow  of life can sometimes appear to be. It was...
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Quite a productive day today, all things considered. And I feel unusually calm. Good Lord, do you think Lord H has finally resorted to putting things in my tea? Can't say I blame him however ... Anyway this morning, Marian and I have played a stonkingly good game of golf and I even got a par on the...
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Managed to have a slightly better time of writing Hallsfoot's Battletoday - it seemed to flow rather more easily and I actually came to the point where I almost knew what was happening and even had some ideas. Gosh indeed. Whatever next? Anyway, that takes me to 78,000 words so I'm pleased about...