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Visit to Bruce Damer's DigiBarn in Santa Cruz Mountains / Boulder Creek. Gloria particularly fascinated by the sheer beauty and intricate wiring of the Cray 1A [super] computer.  Livermore Labs, CA. See previous entry for more...
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Just back from Santa Cruz Art League Reception. Members' Exhibit, "Local Essence," runs until February 7. Photo of Gloria K. Alford and her painting "Samurai," 18 x 18, acrylic on canvas. Santa Cruz Art League, 526 Broadway, Santa Cruz. 831.426.5787.
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Some connections never die. David Lee Rubin was a brilliant 18-year-old editor at the Chicago Review in 1957 when I submitted a poem titled Uncle Dog: The Poet at 9. I was an “ancient” twenty-four-year old Navy vet studying at the University of Iowa. David championed my work and I’ve always...
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Compatibility Plus (1987--) continued from previous entry... “If she’s been separated from him for less than a year, I don’t want to meet her,” I said, wanting to avoid getting caught up with someone on the rebound. “They’ve been separated over a year,” Allan assured me. “Her name is Gloria...