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The 2012 election campaign is in full swing, beginning, once again, to stage the vast (and vastly repetitive) drama that periodically mesmerizes the body politic. Like a huge pod out of Invasion of The Body-Snatchers, it replaces actual democracy with an expensive similacrum. From time to time...
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My focus, of course, has been on the relationship between daytime soaps and primetime scripted dramas – hence the title of my essay for Survival… – “The Ironic and Convoluted Relationship between Daytime and Primetime Soap Operas”. So, it’s no surprise that as my daytime soap viewership came...
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here's a snippet and link to her piece on kyle chandler and friday night lights: "The obviousness of his looks — soap-opera hair, soap-opera smile, soap-opera skin — is incongruous with the refined style of his performance..." while it's an extremely complementary piece for a wonderful...