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Ever feel the panic of trying to find the right gift and searching and searching.... And then receiving a gift from the other that showed how little they've thought of you?  I mean, something so horrendous that it stays with you forever? I've never received a bad Christmas gift.  Most of...
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  It's beginning to look a lot like insanity, everywhere I go. Gift shopping is crazy. I really don't like to exchange gifts. Too many things I don't need, don't want or don't like. Just more stuff to cram into my tiny living space. I have sets of cheaply scented moisturizers, sprays and powders...
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I am not sure how many of you are facing this issue right now, but I sure am. What issue you ask? The issue of selecting and mailing gifts for Christmas. Let me be frank here. it's a pain and I can't wait for all this madness to get over. And it's not only buying gifts that drives me crazy, it's...