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Serendipity Newsletter... November 2010
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In the summer of 2000, I got a call from Richard Abate, a literary agent then at ICM. He asked, "Do you know who Bernie Mac is?" Of course I did. Original Kings of Comedy was due in theaters any day, and since Spike Lee had directed is, you couldn't walk down a single street in Brooklyn...
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So one of my clients says to me, "If you'd like, I can hire a transcriber for you."  I say to my client, "No, Client, that's okay, save your money, I'll transcribe the 4,261 hours of interviews myself." I don't have issues with transcribing in and of itself -- on the plus side,...
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Yes, New York magazine and the Washingon Post reported it correctly, I'm ghostwriting Dustin "Screech from Saved by the Bell" Diamond's tell-all, Behind the Bell.  This one seems to have caught the public's fancy, but I suppose I shouldn't be surprised, because the show is on TBS...
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How fun is it to get the email from your editor with a jpeg of your book cover?  I totally hope all of you get to experience that.
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I have to work.  If I don't have, like, 23 projects on my docket, I get itchy.  Right now, I'm helping four people write their memoirs and three people write their novel, in addition to two novels of my own.  That's only nine projects.  I need 14 more, or else I'll have too much spare time on my...
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I'm working on a proposal for my next two chicklit books, thus I plan to have a big bowl of estrogen for breakfast.