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Dear punk rock crew now in their mid to late 30's: There is nothing more depressing than seeing a guy in his mid to late 50's wearing an open plaid shirt with a disbanded punk rock band T-Shirt underneath.  Even more depressing with the more classic "Black T-shirt with some white lettering"...
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For the boy there is always a question. What is this? What is that? Names and origins. An endless string of why's and how comes. Those are the little explosions that make the motor turn. All these little journeys that I take into the country of myself. I ask myself, why am I this? Why I do feel...
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Some things in life you plan for: getting an education, maybe a marriage, children, jobs, vacations. Others happen by surprise: loss, divorce, illness. Yet, we are told that both financially and psychologically, we can prepare for old age, for retirement. We can invest, get resources, pick out...
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RED MITTENS FROM WISCONSIN It's Mother's Day. That's a good thing, but it's not what touched me deeply today. My car was in dreadful shape, but being in a somewhat limited financial condition I had no actual hope of bettering my transportation options in the near future. One of my sons and his wife...
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I've been pounding away at keyboards for more than half my life now and the damage is starting to accumulate. My fingers, of course.  Arthritic, certain over-used fingers aching now even when I'm away from  the computer.  My shoulders and neck are where a lot of the tension goes.  Lower back.  And...