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As Thanksgiving rolls its turkey neck towards us, Christmas looms ominously around the corner, and one more year of my life expires, we’re super stoked about the next stop on the Essential Guide Rocks America tour: We’ll be rocking LI, NY, Thursday, Dec 2, 7pm. Pitchapalooza: Book Revue in...
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Hi! This is a great day, having discovered Red Room! For an added perspective, I invite you to visit my other new blog at http://www.cherilaser.wordpress.com. Your input and comments would be welcome and appreciated.
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I became a writer simply because I love to write.  However, as a nonfiction writer with aspirations of becoming a published book author, I’m often asked to do something other than what I love to do.  I’m asked to speak. You see, typically these days a nonfiction writer like myself needs more than...