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 Cruel fate  I was never aloneWhere that golden time had gone I was under your refugeI dared for everything and you never refused Oh, dad, you were so kindI troubled you a lot yet you did not mind Always took in lap and smiledHow can I forget when memories rewind? Today I am...
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    Because now I'm stuck Beneath the paws of a cruel tiger  O father wish me dare  O mother wish me heaven…….Landy sunny   Cruel fate   I was never alone Where that golden time had gone I was under your refuge I dared for everything and you never refused   Oh,...
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International day here she is struggling for man proving all worth as his woman still no appreciation with strong relation I for one remain happy with elation  she wears very nice smile she has resolute nature but remain firm for a while women stand in their own way...
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 A friend told me he sent me a book. This ran joy up my spine, a feeling intense, I would not have expected. Life is filled with such joys, like the first snow of the season. Howard Thurman wrote about the place in each of us for the singing of angels that is so breathtakingly beautiful it...
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It was from Anne, and he was surprised to find the SMS that was sent to him around 11:45 last night.  Apparently she was asking if Josh was busy and if he was still awake.  I remember what Josh thought of it as he related to me this incident, whilst he thought that the conversation he had with...