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Cover of Savannah: Brokers, Bankers andBay Lane.  “This soft climate and the moist coastal plains give the azaleas a wild, giant gorgeousness––and the semi-tropic trees––the palm, the magnolia, the live oak and the long-leafed pine––that might perhaps be found elsewhere, here are hung as far...
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I want to say something profound, but the most I can do is write a poem. After permanently moving away from New York and Florida in 2005 I adopted Georgia, and Georgia has returned the favor. This past August, Mayor Mickey Thompson and City Council Members appointed me as Poet Laureate of...
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"I run my fingers over her keyboard and suddenly it all starts up With a tinkling sound the music begins, then speeds up more and more..." --Reinaldo Arenas, The Parade Ends   Depending on its assigned purpose and on how it is carried out-- as in not designed to create havoc or...