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  This song was introduced by Gertrude Lawrence in Oh, Kay! At the Imperial Theatre in New York City on November 9, 1926. George Gershwin originally planned this as an up-tempo number but chanced to play it slowly one day and realized it was a ballad. The title was suggested by lyricist Howard...
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  DuBose Heyward was the sole author of the “Summertime” lyric. Lately, the Gershwin publishers have added the names of Ira Gershwin and Dorothy Heyward to its sheet music. But if you look at the original sheet music, it had only DuBose Heyward’s name. Here is the background. DuBose Heyward...
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  George Gershwin's I Got Rhythm Variations This piece for piano and orchestra was introduced by George Gershwin, piano, and the Reisman Symphony Orchestra, Charles Previn conducting, in Symphony Hall in Boston on January 14, 1934. In January and February of 1934 Gershwin allowed an old friend...
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The Gershwins' “Nice Work if You Can Get It" This song was introduced by Fred Astaire, Jan Duggan, Mary Dean and Pearl Amatore in A Damsel in Distress, a film released by RKO on November 19, 1937. George first jotted down he core of this tune in July of 1930. In his notebook it appears after “...
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In spite of my best effort to hang onto Summer, I do believe Fall is leaping into action, kicking summer around, dragging it off to the trash heap.  There it goes, thrashing the tree branches around, scaring up the leaves and sending them all in a dither to gutters and windbreaks. I thought at...