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You are not as old as you feel is an old adage to make you feel better when you have to Google a pop star you know nothing about. Age is just a number is another.  Doesn't work too well when your Email Spams have turned from buying hip biking glasses that maybe Bono would wear to asking you to...
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Normally I keep my hair cut very low, mainly a buzz cut and have had a standing appointment with my barber for years. I get trimmed up, beard tightened up and then I am on my way feeling like a new man. Soon my Barber began to demonstrate his inability to maintain his appointment times and combined...
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I am still reeling from the craziness of the last two years. I sit and I ponder what brought me here. In my 20s i was a complete underachiever, generation x slacker and unambitious... Then I thought I would never have a house or a new car or a partner or anything that my parents and my siblings had...