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This movie has slowly stolen up on me and my list of favorite movies. I never saw it or heard of it when it was first released. Now it's one that I enjoy watching and pondering. The movie is "Enemy of the State". Part of its appeal is its cast. Will Smith has the largest role, but the other two...
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This afternoon, I became really depressed.  My nature is not to admit to such feelings, but more and more, I really do not have many people to discuss matters with.  Either they are busy with their lives, or they are really worse off than I am.  The problem is that I don't wish to...
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(#3 in a 12-part series to be printed at the beginning of each month) Bite the Bullet - This is a neo-classic Western starring Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen, James Coburn, Ben Johnson, Dabney Coleman, Jan Michael Vincent, and Ian Bannen. Recently, it has been a featured movie on the...