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I believe my agent warned me not to post things this personal on my blog. Hopefully she won't read it. Haha. Or my mother. Tonight, I'm headed to the Catskills for Thanksgiving. Here's how that happened . . . I met a nice guy at the gym last Thursday (David Barton Gym, in Chelsea), and we swapped...
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A fellow blogger recently wrote a bit on being gay; whether teenagers can really ascertain if they are gay at a young age as heterosexuals know they are not gay, and what the implications are once you have committed to a lifestyle that may include anal sex. As he worked in the field of psychology,...
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John McCain's interview on Sunday's edition of Meet the Press was predictable enough for an ancient, out-of-touch senator. His flip-flopping on “Don't Ask, Don't Tell” is hardly newsworthy at this point. The supposedly "mavericky" senator, who will forever be defined by an insignificant...
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Who really cares?  I know I don't.  So what if you are gay.  That impacts me less than waking up in the morning to discover that it rained the night before.  There is nothing I can do about, nothing I can change about it.  "It is what it is."  So, in very simple words, I simply do not...
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Outing homophobia's deadly consequences'Don't ask, don't tell' epitomises what is wrong with public policy and attitudes that treat homosexuality as unacceptable Naseem Rakhaguardian.co.uk,     Tuesday 26 October 2010 22.14 BST Don't ask, don't tell. This is the policy of the United States on...
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I can't really say, "Happy Spirit Day."  Because it's nothing to be happy about. The last few months have seen an epidemic of teens committing suicide in the wake of unmerciful bullying, violence and degradation.  Because they were gay, or perceived as gay.  Today the caring world wears...
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Four poems from my San Francisco Arts Commissioned work, feti(sh)ame, are out today in PANK. This issue features queer writers. I'm happy to see more of these poems out in the world. jubilat is soon to come out with its next issue which will include "Uncut," another poem from feti(sh)ame.
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When Lily’s first hand-drawn family portrait came home from Kindergarten, it contained a little Crayola surprise: it contained what appeared to a little girl, her poodle, her dad, and, um, her mom. By “dad,” I mean that one of the two grown-up figures was bald and had long legs; by “mom,” I mean...
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This was tragic. Rutgers freshman and accomplished violinist Tyler Clementi made out with another guy in his dormroom. His roommate secretly filmed it with his webcam, streamed it live on the web and tweeted this to promote it:  “Roommate asked for the room till midnight. I went into molly’s...
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  This morning I woke up thinking: I love Gay.  Mind you, I haven't always loved Gay, but that was only because I was young and ignorant and didn't know Gay.  I brought my children up to respect diversity and so they are lovers of Gay as well.  It was a bit disconcerting when my oldest went...