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When I was a young kid, I started a diary. The reason I began the diary was that I'd been told I was moving - again - and I was furious. The first entry, I think, was the incredibly frustrated promise: "I will never make my kid move all the time!" It turns out that's probably not going to be a...
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I'm happy to be a guest poster today on Slate's excellent XX Factor blog, with Columbine's Lost Lesson.  (If you haven't read XX Factor, you're missing out. It's subtitled What women really think, and describes itself as "a conversation among Slate’s women writers and friends about politics,...
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I had a dream some years ago. I walked up the hillside road beside our house in the early morning light, before the sun had risen.  The stones and dust were still cold with night. At the top stood the schoolyard where I spent my formative years – 1969-1977 – and the little tile-roofed building...
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And by "we," I mostly mean students who haven't learned the hard way yet.   Last week, we had the horror of Rutgers' freshman Tyler Clementi's suicide, after his roommate streamed live footage of him making out with another guy in their dorm room.   The only upside of that...