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  It’s Game Day on Express Yourself!™. Youngjoo Ahn interviews the World and US Champion Scrabble player, Conrad Bassett Bouchard. Reporters on the program are Katelyn Eystad with the Gift of Giving and Ryan Sim will interview California’s State Champion Chess Player.   Although Conrad...
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  ON SHELVES IN PAPERBACK THIS WEEK I’m excited to get acquainted with the Hannah Vogel series, not merely because of its captivating book jacket and intriguing plot – I don’t usually read mystery – but because the author appears to be one of those genuine, real however successful, people one...
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How To Play the ‘Authors’ Card Game By Dianna Dilworth Summer might be coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that your card game playing has to stop. Instead of gin rummy or poker, we’ve found a more cerebral card game for your next game night. It’s called “Authors.” The literary card game plays...
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  HP Lovecraft   OK, this is kinda fun. If you haven't tied, give it a go. Sure, someone is trying to sell you something, but its a hoot for ten minutes. I put in two sample writings. One was from my Kafka novel. I was told I write like H.P.Lovecraft. The second sample was today's FOG blog. It...
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I just realized I haven't yet mentioned the work of a good friend of mine, Justin Gary, whose new game Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer is going to be officially released at GenCon.  Justin is a former Magic champion who turned his gaming prowess into a major career; he was the lead...
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My book is selling well.  It is building some momentum.  I signed copies yesterday in Napa, California.       If you haven't gotten the chance to check it out please do.  Its available through Amazon and other online dealers.   Here is the amazon link   http://www.amazon.com/...
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My husband talks about a game that some of his church youth groups played.  It was called Erk...zoom!  Quick description of the game was that all sat in a circle going around and when someone said Erk...zoom the flow reversed causing chaos and havoc.  That's how I felt about the last three reads. ...
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How do you bow out of a game you have no desire to play? When your assumed opponent assumes you are a willing participant? When the game bores you, frustrates you, annoys you? When you HATE the game? When you start to resent the overly persistent player? How do you say, with no uncertainty, NO?
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Last night I stayed up way too late participating in a forum. The topic was probably the best one the I’ve ever seen started by writers. It was about pulling lines from your book. As I began to see entries of first, favorite, saddest and last lines from people’s books, I realized that most of...
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Here's a fun one. Some call it the "Skate" song. I just call it "Enchanting Melonie". This is from 1975. Geeze, I can't believe I sung this song for Karaoke. My husband said that I sounded just like the original. For everyone's sake, I hope he wasn't just being nice. So, do U...