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Cocks have been crowing for hours before the sun begins to rise over the village of Melaque on the Pacific coast of Mexico, several hours drive south of Puerto Vallarta. The town lies along a large bay. At the northwest end are steep green hills, studded with rocks. The sea at this end is calm...
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Although Mexico City gets a lot of notice these days for its trendy bars, hip hotels and chic art galleries, what makes this city really cool has been around for almost 700 years: The city was founded by the Aztecs in 1325, and although the Spanish conquistadores tried hard to erase the...
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Macau, it's not your modern-day Las Vegas. Yes,  Macau does have a number of casinos from the classic Lisboa to the enormous and glamorous Venetian. And, yes, it has gobs of neon, killer entertainment, great shopping, and over-the-top hotels. But that's just a glimpse of what really comprises...
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Many communities have a signature event that sets them apart from others. It's their claim to fame. Their annual extravaganza. Events range from mega-productions like the long-running flowery flotilla, the Tournament of Roses in Pasadena, California to the testosterone fueled Run-A-Mucca...
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Whether you like jazz or opera, historic sites or popular entertainment, the visual arts or dance, there's something to satisfy every taste in St. Louis, Missouri. Centrally located, yet exotic in its quirkiness, this city on the Mississippi occupies a unique spot in our nation's history as the...
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Smoking a cigar the correct way demands a critical mix of solitude, contemplation, and most important, awareness of surroundings. All other things become subservient to the act of observing and evaluating. With this game plan in play, the smoker's post-ignition environs take on as much...
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My younger son's girlfriend moved to Oakland with him earlier this month, coming to the Bay Area after having lived in Washington state for much of her life.  In fact, she came from a very little town in Washington, so I was trying to give her some pointers about living in a big city, Oakland...
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As a fan of the BBC sci-fi shows Doctor Who, Torchwood, and The Sarah Jane Adventures, a visit to Cardiff, Wales, is almost compulsory if you're in the UK. Luckily, I received an invitation to read poetry with the brilliant Ivy Alvarez at the reading series she hosts with Mab Jones at the Old...
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You're going to have to go to Gadling and read all about my new favorite find... http://www.gadling.com/2010/08/07/hidden-treasures-the-secret-royas-garlic-garden/ Yes, I'm a tease!
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I’ve been back in the states from the UK and France now for more than two weeks and I’m still missing it. This was the first summer I’ve spent in England for 15 years, since I usually go in the fall or winter when it’s a bit cheaper. However, the opportunity to guest lecture on social media at...