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Like many, I believe, who use this venue to express the creativity that seeps from our pores, I hope that someday what I write makes a difference; a positive difference in someone’s life.  HG Wells wrote –“If I have made but one person smile, then I am a success”.  If it were only that easy. One...
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Sunday, January 04, 2009   a funny thing happened on the way to the New Year Current mood: over new years before it starts Category: over new years before...
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I guess I'm stuck on a theme, because I feel compelled to revisit the world of writers, authors, publishing and books. I'm intrigued and yet fearful  of the degree of importance literature will play in our society years from now? Will our grandchildren read the classics? Will they even know about...
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I finally landed a book contract. Well, my agent actually landed the contract and I wrote the book.  It was a long and uncertain road. And it has not been an easy since I signed. But enough about that. What concerns me today is the bleak reports about our shrinking newspaper industry, financially...
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I’ve been dreaming more than usual lately. My dreams have ranged from the depressing to the erotic, to loving, to horrific. I am a huge believer that dreams are the unconscious speaking directly to the conscious about what the dreamer knows will be true. Dreaming can also be a way for the...
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In a previous blog (The missed opportunity) I said this about the USA: " But the USA, in many respects, was, and still represents a hope and a model for the human kind. Its people have reached the best in many areas of what humanity has succeeded to achieve up till now. The USA's principles,...
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I never thought I'd see this day, and I'm filled with hope for the future.
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One month gone since I start to work in buffet at privat university ‘’UNIVERSUM’’,in my city.There I meet a lot of new peoples – students.They are my customers,they are my guests.From them me learn for they’re problems,opinions about actuality,solicitudes,and they’re preoccupations. I serve them...
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I'll bring the beer. Note: this is a rough draft. Pun intended. First and foremost, it must be fiscal conservative and social liberal. That insures that a large number of us who aren't represented by the existing duopoly can have a voice. What do we stand for? Here are some suggestions: Small,...
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My "wooie wooie" writer friend ( a "wooie wooie" being her designation of an oddity so strange it must be supernatural) emailed to inform me of a 'voice from the past'. My friend had written a newspaper essay and quoted me in it. In return she had received an email praising her...