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This one's by request (here you go, June and Dennis!) -- my list of supposedly real excerpts from newspaper classified ads. (I use these as part of an ice-breaking exercise for a business writing workshop I do for MBA students...) Actual Excerpts from Newspaper Classified Sections Illiterate?...
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LAS VEGAS, Nevada, June 27...The Electoral College is obsolete, the popular vote can be fraudulently manipulated. The only thing you can depend on in this country is hard cash. That's what people are saying all over the US. Or at least in front of Stash's Kielbassa in the Greenpoint section of...
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AUSTIN, Texas, June 22...Anarcho-Feminist presidential candidate Leah Schildkraut lost the support of several major Texas fundraisers last night when she vowed to change the Lone Star state's "culture of exploitation, intimidation and deceit." "We spoke the truth to money...
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NEW YORK, N.Y. June 20...The hottest souvenir at the Republican Convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul this summer won't be McCain buttons--it will be Obama flip flops and matching shorts. So says Efraim Durg, president of Shmatte Statements, a design firm that specializes in politically-themed...
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While thumbing through Forensics for Dummies in search of a suitable demise for an arrogant psychiatrist in my new novel, I compiled a list of distinctly unpleasant experiences that might befall my victim should he ingest a lethal dose of say, strychnine:  pain, lockjaw, twitching of the muscles,...