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My  husband's friend was murdered during Hurricane Isaac. Noah worked and lived at a funeral home. He was a personable guy, interesting, and an unlikely compadre for my husband, Julio.  Julio is a big guy, brutish looking, six foot, 300 lbs with a football player build, bald, goatee....
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Again, thanks to RedRoom and Gina Misiroglu for helping me get this article published on MyDaily.com. The photo is priceless! On a leisurely walk to my college friend's house one crisp November afternoon, a young man in a sweet red Corvette pulled up to the curb and asked for directions. I...
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Oh it’s you. How’ve you been? Me? With the church membership dwindling I’ve been busy—too busy. As deacon I opened the church to let the cleaning woman in at dusk. I stood at the top of the stairs at the front of the church under the big arch and looked out.  I saw silhouettes… moving shapes under...