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The Date of Disappearance percentage bar held steady most of last week. Then within a single twenty-four-hour period it leapt seven percentage points! That was something to see, let me tell you, and it brought the remaining funds-to-raise down to the three-figure range! -- GONNA BE CLOSE! -- In a...
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The Date of Disappearance Administrative Assistant has just drawn the name of this week’s PATRON EXTRAORDINAIRE! Ray and Joanna Shields will receive a complete, personalized, downloadable audio version of my short story “Summer.” Congrats, Ray and Joanna! I’ll be in touch. Yesterday, in a blog...
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Friends, if you're looking for a gift with a bit of heart this season, or simply want to support recovery from the BP spill, or simply like good collections of creative nonfiction/essays, I hope you'll check this out.  I'm very pleased to have my essay, "Butterfly," included in this...
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It is time again for the annual poetry event benefitting the Community of Writers at Squaw Valley. The reading is held on July 16 in San Francisco and features acclaimed poets Kazim Ali, Forrest Gander, Brenda Hillman, Evie Shockley and Dean Young. Ana Elsner is one of the volunteers supporting...
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This may be the most boring blog ever. Certainly, the most boring I've written, because it's all all about self promotion. But if it's self promotion for a good cause, does that change things? I thought so ... Well, after a lot of exhausting rewrites, editing, e-mailing and phone calls, the...
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As the book editor (among my many other titles) at the Marin Independent Journal, I've had a lot of anthologies that come across my desk that look at life as (pick one or all): 1. a 20-something 2. a 30-something 3. a single person 4. a "bad girl" 5. the "other" woman 6. a...