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New year and new beginnings! Here we are again with a perfect year to start fresh! The year is 2010 and the beginning of yet another great decade of learning, growing, and Loving. Every year I ask my family and friends "what is your new year’s resolution?" and get the same five or six...
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The Week Before Christmas Extravaganza!!! Can you believe it's almost mid-ways through November. Christmas is just aroundthe corner.So, I'd like to announce my first annual, The Week Before Christmas Extravaganzaover on my blog; www.maryeason.blogspot.com!I'm inviting all authors who would like to...
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Over the weeks, I've had guest calling parked at the side of the road, guest calling from up in the mountains or on a trail through the wilds. I've had guests from Canada and England, however today my show with Courtney J Webb was something different. Courtney is in Australia, and with the aid...
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As a witch, Halloween used to mean that I'd dress up like my pet, mimic her actions and get drunk on strawberry wine, making her my familiar. Halloween was also one of the eight major sabbats, where I'd bust out my guitar and growl praises to the devil, also while drinking strawberry wine. Now, as...
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A particularly happy day today. Gina is an intensely focused writer, often working from the moment she wakes up until 4 or 5 in the morning. As anyone who follows my blogs knows, I am very proud of her and certainly do not begrudge her working practices.  It’s always been my opinion that any...
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Buckle up.
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As the husband of the noted author, producer of West Coast Live, and kazoo advocate Kathi Kamen Goldmark, I am fortunate to be the recipient of many invitations to cool events where I meet fascinating people. But all those invitations pale by comparison to the one we just received from the Hotel...
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STORYHEARTS SUNDAY UK BLOG - A HOLIDAY ROMANCE One of the things that has been mentioned by some regarding my book "Across the Pond" is how can anybody fall for, or care for somebody is just a few days as do Fred and Brit? My answer is... Do you not have holiday romances in the US?...
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This week the Daily Sam has left the country to become a foreign correspondent. During this week I will be blogging from an undisclosed location in Latin America where I will be investigating international matters such as the consumption of light, refreshing Mexican beers, etc. But there is another...
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With Labor Day weekend upon us and all that this means—hedonistic consumption of beverages and chips, traffic jams, and family arguments—we at the Daily Sam would like to offer a few additional tips for preparing for the school year. Moms, Dads, Kids, Sadistic Football Coaches, Gang Leaders, and...