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March 20     JAG   I have the most interesting lawn ornament.  It is long and sleek, low to the ground, resting on rubber rolls, steep of side and languid front and back.  It has glass, glass that slants and glass that slips into its sides.  Its paint shines when I...
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  March 21     When is enough, enough?     “What is the difference between full and all?  Don’t know?  Well, let me tell you,” said my sponsor with a wink.  “Full is when the broccoli that went perfectly with the entrée leaves a pleasant smile on your face,...
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It has nice referenceWe can draw some inference But for argument sake at onceLife in cage is just by chance  Poetically you are attachedBonded together as searchedYou have left behind everythingJust to stay together and seek something Life must not be compared like jailIt will never make...
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  I was put on fire The moment you left to admire Taken me to task and she peeped into eyes I lost the firm ground when she really tried   This was not at all new As I had little idea about it and knew I had no time to look at her But this gesture on her part made me to bother   Was...
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Let's say you've sent your query letter to a handful of agents. You shoot off your emails, and you get to work on your next novel. Fire and forget. Several weeks down the road, a request for a partial arrives in your inbox. Awesome. You send it. A week later, a different agent requests a partial as...