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Check out the backstory of MRS. LIEUTENANT at http://mjroseblog.typepad.com/backstory/2008/05/may-4-1970-oh-1.html/ and also my guest blog at www.thewriterslife.blogspot.com on this Day 3 of the MRS. LIEUTENANT virtual book tour.   Leave a comment at www.thewriterslife.blogspot.com to be...
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Today, Memorial Day (Observed), seems a fitting occasion to share the backstory of MRS. LIEUTENANT. Here is an excerpt from my guest post that appears today on the blog BACKSTORY: Backstory Where authors share secrets, truths, logical and illogical moments that sparked their fiction or memoirs....
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Having recommended movies about the Vietnam era, I want to now recommend two books about that era in addition to my just-released book MRS. LIEUTENANT: A SHARON GOLD NOVEL. One recommended book is Tim O’Brien’s GOING AFTER CACCIATO – a fantastical novel that begins in Vietnam and leads out of the...
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I read Tanya Biank’s column “Rank, Wives and Friendship: Can They Mix?” on Milspouse.com with appreciation for how things have changed in 38 years. (FYI – Biank is the author of the non-fiction book ARMY WIVES: THE UNWRITTEN CODE OF MILITARY MARRIAGE. The hugely popular Lifetime television...