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 "The ornament of a house is the friends who frequent it."-Ralph Waldo Emerson    This is one of my goals in the next year. I would like to make where I live a home and spend time having my loved ones over. I will stop making excuses and I will decorate...
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"It is wise to apply the oil of refined politeness to the mechanisms of friendship."-Colette   We often take our friends and family for granted. We are friendly and polite to our waitress at a restaurant, but let our loved ones experience the consequences our bad mood...
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  "The best mirror is an old friend."-George Herbert    Sometimes my friends don't always want to tell me the truth, but I want honesty. I choose to learn my life lessons, and see my true self.Author Susan Marie Schulhofhttp://susanmarieschulhof....
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                                                        Ben Johnson was quoted as saying, "True friendship consists not in the multitude of ...
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March 13     FRIENDS   My sweet, dear, funny friend, steeped in Beat, whose hand I can no longer hold.  I yearn for the wildly flying words, like feathers in a snow.  The shock of hair and glinting eyes I see so clearly in my shivering mind.  I must let go.  I...
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The Beach House, Water Island, 1978 All of us there, on a late Sunday morning, in sandy liberation on the beach. The happiness of being with these people, with Nancy and Bruce—who were a couple—and with Kerri, the other male along with me. We're waiting for Pamela, who always slept late. We had...
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The 3 of us met and became friends  the first week of medical school.  Mark was an "off the wall" loose canon, but he was smart.  An ex Physician Assistant and a former Navy Seal.  He didn't care who he pissed off.  I liked him immediately.  Mike was a former...
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I wake this morning to cuddles in bed with son three, a rare treat as at almost twelve, he prefers to wake to cartoons. My mouth is claggy, my head’s in haze. We chat about the party and the dream I had of him living in an apartment somewhere I didn't recognise, a dream probably more vivid than...
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Much as I like Redroom.com (and friends I've made!), lately hanging out at Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/robert.sward Come visit, but yes -- Still a fan, still a fan Redroom.com -  
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The scent of hyacinth from the windowsill draws down into the pit of my belly and the core of my drained brain begins to lift to wake my senses. I’m standing by my eye into the soul of life and want to trap the scent of the flowers that trails out through a small opening. It’s through this eye that...