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Gray skies/bitter wind strikes/stinging cheeks. ©annettealaine 2014
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Photos: Awesome pics of the woods and mountains of Berea, Kentucky, from its Wikipedia page.   Just a quick shout-out to a few new readers in the past month or so.  I thought it would be cool to look at the towns and cities, and their pasts and presents, of my awesome (and new) readers...
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Did you know that triskaidekaphobia is the irrational fear of the number 13? And that triskaidekaphobia is so wide spread that the Otis Elevator Company does not even include a button with a 13 on it in elevators all over the world. Or that Triskaidekaphobes have assigned the number 13 as the...
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The week has been long. Not a difficult week, but because work is slow, the hours–the minutes drag on. I have been handling the slow period much better, though, trying to still be productive during this lull before the new busy season arrives, which is a ways out. Soon, though, I expect other work...
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  It's another unseasonably warm and sunny day in beautiful Corfu Greece. I've been running all day and I think I think I'm coming down with a bit of a cold....here goes;     1). The New York Jets are ___________ . I'll let you fill in the blank because I'm trying to be more...
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Tedious work day. I had plans. I had dreams of things I would accomplish at work today. But my computer had other plans. I was given a red X by the computer security gods for not encrypting my hard drive. What? Four and a half hours later, after shutting down and rebooting, the hard drive...
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I had Friday off and was in need of a day to reenergize and follow the day where it led. The library was a must because I yearned to search the shelves and lose myself in the task of finding the next stack of books to bring home, since I had finished several books and was in need of more; none at...
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Friday did not seem like Friday.  No exciting events presented themselves.    We slept late, but were awakened by a gal down the street, who seems to think that when she has something better to do, she can park her dog with us.  Admittedly, the dog is a cutie, and seems to help...
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Good morning everyone! Happy Dr. Seuss's birthday!   After you read some of the Doctor's works, then read my ebook which is available on Diesel ebooks today!   I'm off to dance with Cindy Lou Who. Enjoy!
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Photos: My table and chair, mentioned below.  (Notice the cool drawer in the first pic.)  Please comment or email and let me know exactly what these things are--year and model.  Guesses and approximations are okay.  Thanks!   Wrote and sent the author bio for a spec....