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  A note of clarity in yesterday’s blog entitled “Foie Gras de Poulet.”   Someone asked me what the hell does “Goose Liver Of Chicken” mean? I thought that was a fair question, so here is the answer:   I was using the literal interpretation of “Foie Gras,” which means “Fat Liver,”...
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The rain hastens the demise of the ripe figs as they slide from the tree. The fruit plops heavily onto the raw earth to resemble  swollen purple blood clots. The stain fills the yellow earth, bleeds out in erratic directions. I watch this event from the safety of the window by the blue...
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The first time I hosted Christmas dinner for my new Husband's parents in Arizona, I had never had a traditional American Christmas dinner and didn't know what it should include, let alone what it should look like or taste like.  I was French, born and raised, and I only knew French food.  Turkey...