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I read this tidbit on Taggen Goddard's Political Wire: Ted Nugent Wants to Take Away the Vote Though he once predicted he would be dead or in jail if President Obama was re-elected, musician Ted Nugent takes to the Washington Times with a new proposal to disenfranchise some...
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An SF Chronicle article tells of the Twitter co-founder's plans to tear down his house and rebuild. Evan Williams and his wife bought it a year and a half ago for 2.9 million dollars. They've decided they don't like the house and they want to tear it down and build a green house.  The house...
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  REGURGITATING WORDS  I’ve said the words to myself…but not out loud. I need to tell someone. A woman is keeping me up at night.  I don’t know her. I’ve never met her – I haven’t even see a picture of her, but she haunts me day and night. Perhaps it’s because of the kind of inhumanity suffered;...
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PEN NTERNATIONAL     10th December 2010 PEN International champions the essential role played by freedom of expression in healthy societies and the rights of citizens to transparency, information and knowledge. The Wikileaks issue marks a significant turning point in the evolution of the...