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The Struggle of Power and the Fight for Survival is my second book of poetry and it is about man’s desire to survive and in some cases to have power to take different directions in life and our societies.  In this book, I talk about themes that affect us all from one way or the other: Financial...
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I am the author of “The depth of my soul” and this is how my book will benefit you. It is a book of poetry and in the book; I focus on injustices such as wars, corruption, war crimes, religious fundamentalism, child abuse, dictatorship, relationship problems etc. When I wrote this book, I was also...
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There is something about daffodils that makes my heart sing—their glorious pronouncement of spring, their sunny disposition, the carefree dance in the early spring breeze, the bold trumpet and frilly skirt, the sweet fragrance, and their rain-slicker yellow coloring. I can’t tell exactly what it is...
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When I was watching president Barack Obama’s inauguration speech,  in the back of my head another film was running – actually I was not watching a film but I was looking like a film editor at some footage that I had collected over the years of my life - at many little fragments of films in which...
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In light of this very special Inauguration Day, please go to this site and tell me what America means to you? www.fyicomminc.com/america/america.htm Thanks, Diva JC www.divajc.com  
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Freedom isn't free if we as individuals and societies are unwilling to embrace responsibility and consequence as an inseparable part of it. Our times, our cultures, our singular voices trap those freedoms in shadows, myriad shades of grey taking frightening bites out of our comforts, those sharp...
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I welcome you into the year 2009 in the name of the most precious Lord. The figure 9 is a symbol of full term. Pregnacies are conceived and delivered in an ideal situation within 9 full months. I sincerely pray that you will conceive and deliver all your dreams this same year. None of your dreams...
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Ran into a former neighbor this afternoon, a fellow refuge from New York, who's in the stock market----poor thing. he looks like hell---dissheveled like he hasn't showered, shaved, or had more than four hours of sleep in weeks. Last time I saw Chris, it was summer, and hotter than hell. I asked...
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It´s been a tough week. I´ll just share my humble and imperfect, thus free, translation of Poema em Linha Reta by Álvaro de Campos (Fernando Pessoa): Poem in a Straight Line I´ve never met anyone who´d been beaten up. All my acquaintances have been champions in everything. And I, so often crude, so...
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It's so good to get back to my bloggery. For the last three months, I've been immersed in editing a client's book. Whether I'm editing/rewriting someone else's or writing my own, I soon find myself thinking about that book all the time -- taking a walk, in the middle of the night, while drinking my...