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Doug Roberts with one of his cats By Anthony S. Policastro When I read Doug Roberts' book, The Man Who Fooled SAVAK, it was one of those stories that completely engrossed me where I couldn't put it down until it was finished. Inspired by true events in the early 1970s, The Man Who Fooled SAVAK...
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"Legalize It" was the title of Peter Tosh's reggae smash that still gets airplay every round of petitions and potential legislation regarding marijuana, especially out here in California.  Every possible pot-supporting person of legal voting age who can offers his or her rationale for the...
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                Social conservatism is a threat to freedom and liberty. You can not politically espouse social conservatism and claim to be either a strict constitutionalist or a defender of individual rights and freedoms.  To levy such a claim is both illogical and incongruous. Time and time again...
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U.S. women talking to Afghan women is an idea far too long in coming. U.S. Marines are undertaking an experiment in Afghanistan. They are embracing the power of women’s work. A few women have been added to duty on the front lines. Read more about this on my Living in the Heartland blog.
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Israel is the only Western democracy in the Middle East. It is the only country in the region where women, minorities, children and the majority have the rights. When the ambassador of Israel says that he is guardedly optimistic about the circumstances that are occurring in both North Africa and...
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Are We Free? The word free is tossed about rather freely in my college classes.  Students say how wonderful it is to be free, to live in a free land, to be able to make whatever choices they wish to make, to speak out--to say whatever they want, to do--within the law, of course--whatever they want...
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My first job at age 17 was writing for pay. It was 1965, and I was hired to write a weekly humor column for three newspapers after my work was featured on the New York City radio show of humorist Jean Shepherd. From the age of 17 until roughly five years ago, I earned my living (in sequence) by my...
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It is utterly futile to attempt to overcome the sin nature on our own. It is impossible for natural man to do what Jesus did. When people claim they overcame their shortcomings they give themselves the glory. Without realizing it, they are still walking in the pride of life and they are not giving...
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Lately, whenever I speak, I’ve been handing out small cards bearing two optical illusions. Last night, I handed them out at dinner. My friends hosted a lovely evening of teachings devoted to Passover's theme of liberation. When I thought about what I wanted to share, these images came immediately...
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    The Church of England got into a bit of a tangle when its website spoke flatteringly about nudity in the Spirit of Living section on its website. Under a section headed ‘New Age’, the item said airbrushed models created “an unhealthy, unnatural model of perfection”. In contrast,...