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Cameroon author and political prisoner EnohMeyomesse. (photo courtesy of PEN International) “Sometimes: the struggle and willingness to say the unsayable –– has cost poets and artists their lives.”––from Journey through the Power of the Rainbow Each year the value, presence, and volume of poetry...
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  Just a thought . . .   Maybe Paula Deen should re-market her cookware as Freedom-Of-Speech Cookware. It could become a collector’s item.  
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  “You can just give me a zero on that Dante’s Inferno test on Wednesday,” I boldly told my young, good-looking, blonde graduate student teacher, and the classroom roared with laughter.   I was a senior in my last quarter in college at Auburn University. It was 1978 on a Monday, July 3rd...
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  I have been following the Paula Deen story with great interest.   It looks like the morality police have found another victim in Paula. The beloved cooking show hostess and queen of the southern-fried cooking world supposedly dropped a few N-bombs by accident at her work place, it has...
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  I guess when your star shines so bright, you can forget that you might be blinding people.   That’s what happened to three so-called funny guys on a popular morning radio show this week in Atlanta, “Mayhem in the A.M.”   Steak Shapiro, Nick Cellini and Chris Dimino, probably...
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As I write this, I ask myself if this has any validity. Do fiction writers have an obligation and responsibility to society and humankind? I’m referring to when writers create stories about atrocities which are not documented in history, but conjured and invented with all of its repugnant detail,...
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This is an invitation to you, if you are an author reading this. If you are not already member of your local Pen, consider joining and as a second step consider volunteering for their Writers in Prison Committee. From Pen International (situated in London) is the following brief overview for last...
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Last night a powerful manifestation about freedom of speech and the state of human rights took place in Mechelen, Belgium.  It was co-organized by Pen -Flanders and Passa Porta. Different writers spoke or read about related subjects: Chris De Stoop read about emotional rights. The premise was...
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I believe in peace. I often lack it in my mind and in my life and so I strive for it, cultivate it. Lately, I find that this cultivation has been at a small standstill. I know I wasn't so nice after Hurricane Sandy--was inflamed by people gouging and hoarding gas and was utterly unsurprised by the...
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Do you feel like tucking your head under your wing and letting the world go by? You are not alone. When political discourse—such as the current combat over the federal budget—is this frighteningly unhinged from on-the-ground reality, a raw will to power is in play. Never mind all the spin, the...