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I just love receiving free books. It seems like I’m getting them all the time now. And it’s not even my birthday. Take today, when I won a copy of Mingmei Yip’s new novel, Song of the Silk Road (Kensington, 2011). It’s such a beautiful cover. And I want that qipao. If the story is anything like her...
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Date Blog 6/1 Sizzling Hot Books 6/2 SOS America Kim Book Addict Patti http://www.bookaddictpatti.com/ 6/3 Love Romance Passion http://www.loveromancepassion.com/ Weekend 6/6 Star-Crossed Romance http://www.star-crossedromance.blogspot.com/ 6/7 Open 6/8 Fresh Fiction http://freshfiction....
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Well, it's done. The proof arrived and was perfect this time, thanks to help from CreateSpace and the program I bought to embed italics in the text. Another small purchase for me and a big step toward publication. For whatever it is worth, Among Women is now a live book and ready for sale. I bought...
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I know I have mentioned before on this blog about the new e-book craze and self-publishing and I am a huge fan of J.A. Konrath who has basically pioneered this trend and done an amazing job doing so. A few years ago I would have never suggested to anyone out there to go this route. However, things...
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Thanks to my lovely editor, Caitlin Alexander, the fed ex truck rolled up my street yesterday with my first finished copy of The Four Ms. Bradwells! It's still almost four weeks until you'll be able to see it yourselves in bookstores, but I can tell you it's just beautiful! This big smile - taken...
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Hey all you Ereaders! Get your copy of Blood Harvest Moon for 30% off. Act now..Coupon expires 2/15. Use Coupon Code PP64W http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/25071
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Hi Readers,Kelly's January Newsletter is now available.  There are some giveaway opportunities and a free read.  Go check it out!  Anyone who requests a copy of the free read will be eligible for a reduced price for autographed copies of the In Lies books from Kelly's website.  Stop by and check it...
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January Madness at the Paranormal Romance Guild. kNight Romance Publishing is giving away 4 books to 1 lucky winner. Click on the link below to enter and win! January Monthly Give-A-Way www.paranormalromanceguild.com
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If you haven't already entered the contest to win a copy of every book Second Wind Publishing will release in 2011, click here and leave a comment on the Second Wind blog. That's all you need to do to! (Besides keeping your fingers crossed, that is). All these books are scheduled to be released in...
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Second Wind Publishing is running the best contest ever! The winner will receive a copy of every book published by them in 2011, which will include my latest, Light Bringer. If you have not yet signed up for Second Wind Publishing's contest, you can go to my blog and leave a comment: http://...