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I would be a very wealthy man today (well, probably dead, but very wealthy) if I hadn't bought those damn Austria-Hungarian war bonds. Friggin country has been around for three hundred years, and just marries themselves out of trouble whenever things get sticky. I figured, worst case scenario, that...
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Spent several hours trying not to crawl at the the cockroach party this afternoon.   They called it an English Department meeting, but we all knew what it was.  The head roach led us in some feeler-twitching to celebrate the excellent ways in which we are all coping with the budget cuts: bigger...
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Dear Sir,    As an officer of civil and humanitarian matters I am frequently obliged to make regrettably impertinent introductions such as this one. I should very much prefer social and professional engagements of a happier kind to be my only intercourse, and optimistically perform my distateful...
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Oh it’s you. How’ve you been? Me? With the church membership dwindling I’ve been busy—too busy. As deacon I opened the church to let the cleaning woman in at dusk. I stood at the top of the stairs at the front of the church under the big arch and looked out.  I saw silhouettes… moving shapes under...
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The Castle.. The Trial.. Metamorphosis.. Three works of seemingly unfinished genius.. Now you are part of me.. For I went as far as one could go.. Yet, you seem to meet a road block at every turn.. Hinting loosely at a way out.. I find it always.. Hence freedom is mine.. Conundrum and disquiet...
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"The verdict was read out after a few hours. The Ceausescus were sentenced to death. They had ten days to appeal, but the sentence was to be carried out immediately. A nod to Kafka. " http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/world/europe/article6967099.ece
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I would like to attend.   Pennsylvania Bar Session Focuses On Literature And The Law  PBI has planned a seminar titled The Law and Literature: Why Thinking like a Storyteller and not a Lawyer Will Help You Win Jury Trials. The event is being held Monday, December 7, at the PBI CLE Conference...
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Kafka comes to the small panels in this rendition of The Metamorphosis by R. Sikoryak . I gotta say, it's well done.   http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=112510733
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It has everything: death; the law; the courts; history; Jews; Germans; lies; some truth; whats been did and whats been hid. The TrialFight for Kafka's Papers Winds through Israeli Courts By Christoph Schult Before his death in 1924, Franz Kafka left his papers to Max Brod who rushed them out of...