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Bill Maher recently told Larry King that the Senate is where "legislation goes to die." Well, not this time. Wednesday night, after all the cameras were gone and  the Senate was filled just with senators, a voice vote was taken sans debate and a resolution passed that extends provisions...
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Dear Senator Feinstein:I write not only as a concerned constituent, but as the founder of Writers-at-Large, a first ever California writers advocacy group organized to speak up for free speech, a free press, and a federal shield law. You may recall that in 2004 I invited you to attend "Engaged...
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There has been no shortage of news stories about how detainees have been treated at Guantanamo Bay, and Abu Ghraib before it. Likewise, there has been a lot of talk about so-called enhanced alternative interrogation techniques like waterboarding, sleep deprivation, and even dogs have been used as a...