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How can you separate them? How can you pick one? I was just down in the Gulf near Tallahassee (the oil hasn't hit yet) where earth, air, water, fire (a.k.a. sun) are so closely interrelated you cannot separate them --- think cypress swamp, salt marshes, rivers and their banks, not to mention gulf...
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I like to consider myself a rationalist, someone not privy to emotional outbursts or reactionary thought.  I like to think I can balance my experience with education and make informed decisions rather than simply living through what others might perceive as my destined journey through life.  But as...
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Opacity of Green Boughs The opacity of the green boughs where I sit, filter out the rainbow's quiet descent. I find my own safe comfort from the rain. A coven of trees enough to keep me dry. The rain a downpour crystalized by sun. I feel the need to sleep, but I stay propped, against the largest...
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All life evolved from WaterWe are composed of 75% Water like the planet we live in and we have elements of EarthAir and Fire.The food we eat takes all its ingredients from water, sunlight, earth, Air etc., so itis as we are a combination of 4 elements which give us the power to think, we have...
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Water is life ! It is the main reason why it is my favorite element. Imagine, being able to give water to everybody in the world ! Imagine being a waterbender: you could help avoiding all the "natural diseases" like Tsunamis and floods. You could help the poor countries, increase the...
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‘ You have tried to find me in little triangles of space, from where I breathe fire into your wants. All along you tried to see what kind of flattened square I made, not knowing that I am all that is stable like the earth you stand on. You never wanted me to be a circle around you but you tried to...