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  Kate has been set on adoption ever since she started providing foster care for the kids; she’s never wavered.  Nine months of care and paperwork culminated on Friday when the court pronounced Kate their Mother, complete with revised birth certificates.  The thoughtful judge worked...
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When a Book is More than a Story Posted on January 26, 2013 by headywriting19 I just finished reading The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. I have probably read thousands of books during my lifetime, but I don’t ever remember reacting to a book as I did to this one. The Language of...
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Birth is a minuscule fraction in the equation of life. What matters is the first eighteen years that follow, the foundation for the string of decades looming below the horizon of adulthood. Picture a puppy being dragged to its cage in an animal shelter and ponder what happens to unwanted children....
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If Roe v Wade were repealed the annual cost to the taxpayer is $10 billion*. And that's not counting the cost of building the orphanages it will take to house the unwanted children that were formerly unwanted pregnancies. The 25.2 million population increase during the first 18 years post repeal...
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  In a previous entry, I described how my daughter Kate, a fourth-year medical student at Georgetown, had planned to provide Foster Care for three young siblings, and adopt all three of them.  One problem was that they’re in California and she was in Washington, D. C., but the deans at...
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What kind of family matters? Is adoption the best thing for children in care? Precious Williams and David Akinsanya, who were fostered, reflect on their experiences...