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  “Even the most fickle are faithful to a few bad habits.” ~ Mason Cooley One of my favorite fun and totally kitschy possessions was my little fortune fish. You remember them, right? They look like a wafer-thin piece of strawberry candy. You would hold the fish in the palm of your hand...
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June 11     Prize Catch       There is a reason that fish flap and twist when they are caught, why even though they are in the air they fight for the life that once was theirs, only martyrs go without a fight, it is good to know that at least this vice is not mine. ...
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When I was in New Orleans, I bought a voodoo doll for a friend.  Voodoo is popular in New Orleans, along with fortune telling.  West African captives brought the practice to Louisiana when it was a French colony.  Their culture was based on spirits and revering their ancestors....
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Just open up one of these books and the first text you read is your prophecy. Sounds like Tarot cards (playing cards bearing allegorical figures used in fortune-telling) but this form of divination is ancient. For those seeking God’s will, it was called “drawing lots” or “casting". (Think of...
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My poem "Zorada Reads the Clown" showed up on Verse Daily this year. In case you missed it ...