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November 3     Liminal     Not everything which is birthed arrives here alive; sometimes struggle is answered with stillness.  I love thee in thy loss for there is no life to love thee in.  Hope can be a bubble that breaks returning to whatever it was before that...
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Heaven and Hell - My Life in the Eagles, by Don Felder   Okay, by now you know I have more than a passing interest in popular music, particularly that since the ‘sixties. And I suppose there’s an element of postmodern voyeurism in the mix as well. But I try to restrict myself to the more...
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There was no fortune in my fortune cookie on Friday, so I have been speculating on the cause:   1) I have no fortune (I'm a writer, so - no kidding...) 2) There was no fortune because I can make my own (better) 3) It is August and the Fates are spending the month in the Hamptons with the...
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Chinese food for dinner tonight (tofu with mixed vegetables). My fortune said: Blessed is that man who has found his work I imagine that works for women too but my fortune and I wouldn't want to speculate.
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  Are you passionate about love stories? Do you adore romantic fiction? Wish to evoke your tender chords?  Rush to grab your copy of the fiction novel "The Fortune Hunters" by Aslam Rahaman (ISBN number 9789381576816, 9381576816) and published by Frog books, an imprint of ...
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  Several weeks ago I blogged about tiger-titled books. Since many of these books relate to Chinese culture, that got me thinking. Are there other common China-themed titles? The concept of luck and fortune is very important to Chinese culture, and certainly hasn't been lost in book titles. I...
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"Are your books doing as well as you hoped they would?" I have been asked this question so many times, and I haven't once been able to answer it. I have no answer. In order for my books to do as well as I hoped, I'd have had to hope in the first place. I was told by a very dear friend,...
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I'm driven. Competitive as hell.  Each Christmas, I spend time with a family in rural Saskatchewan (western Canada) and part of that tradition involves a shinny game. Sometimes it's on a frozen, home-made ice rink, sometimes just a convenient flat area of ground.  Throw up some goal posts, divvy up...