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Rick Mullin is a New Jersey poet with a new book just published: the book length epic Huncke.  Among the Beats, Herbert Huncke is a minor but legendary figure: a hobo, junkie, petty thief, 42nd street denizen, and object of professional interest for William Burroughs (who portrayed him in Junkie),...
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    Who walks with me along my ways Of bruisèd reeds and smoking flax, Amid the feather rye that sways And hides the parched earth's cracks? Who walks with me past guelder rose With brambles scrambling to conceal The hazel boughs and blackthorn sloes, The bindweed's healing peal...
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I spent this summer between two residencies and traveling. I spent this summer writing and writing. At what I thought was the end of my stint with residencies, a friend mentioned that he was going to do a writing challenge for the month of August. It is called "The Grind" where writers...