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Attention California teens taking the SAT exam on Saturday October 5th.  What are you having for breakfast? You have less than 48 hours to prep for this crucial meal on this crucial day--so check your fridge and head out to a 24-hour Safeway-- NOW. I tell you this, because the morning of my...
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  David Lebovitz worked for 13 years at Alice Water's legendary Chez Panisse restaurant and was named one of the Top Five Pastry Chefs in the Bay Area by the San Francisco Chronicle. His writing has been featured inBon Appétit, Chocolatier, Cooking Light, Food+Wine, Cook’s Illustrated, The Los...
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My ode to Bruce Bogartzs' duck breast got us a last-minute good table last night for New Year's eve!  I told you poetry was useful! Ode to the Duck Breast at Rouxbarb                           With thanks to Bruce Bogartz   My butter knife slices through the duck breast,     and my French friend...
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They say that to get significantly happier you need to be friends with at least one super happy person. Happy to the point where their positivity spills over and splashes all over you, leaving you soaking and giggling. I only know a couple of people like that, but I think they have a secret code to...
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Last week, the news broke that the USDA, the very agency that established the (insurmountable) food pyramid for healthy diets has also spent hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars to promote cheese to consumers and the foodservice industry.  Congressional delegations from the dairy states have...
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Seems like every time I'm near food or even smell food cooking in the remote distance, memories are dredged up from past meals or time spent with special people in their kitchens.  I think I have a nose like a wolf, able to detect roasted garlic from halfway around the globe.  The connection to...