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food addiction | food addiction

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Human beings are capable of becoming addicted to virtually anything, from plastic surgery to texting. While we may think we’re “free,” addiction is determining our behavior in the United States according to the book “Addict Nation.”   "Sex, drugs, booze - everyone is familiar with the...
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last week on my way to work. It seemed she was carrying some sort of a coffee cake, wrapped in saran wrap, along with a back-pack. She must have been at least 100 pounds overweight. It was a struggle for her to even walk. I sat there at the light wondering what thoughts might be going around in her...
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The supervisor in my office brought in donuts last week. She rarely brings in junk food and is good shape herself, but she just said that she felt like a donut that day and brought donuts in for everyone. I didn't take one, but when I took my break I was feeling really hungry. I went in the...