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By Jane Yolen Red Riding Hood and the Wolf by Tyler Garrison   A number of years ago, folklorist Alan Dundes coined the term “fakelore” to describe stories not from the folk canon but that sounded and tasted  and felt like those stories but were invented whole cloth by writers....
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“Why?” was my first instinct. Why and how can business books adapt into comics? Then it struck me that with the graphic novel gaining currency – fiction has always been considered the hallmark of imagination – showing a ‘How To’ series should be a more natural progression. The little I...
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I'll admit it: I love fairy tales, and I'm not ashamed. Some people may scorn them as boring, trashy fluff, or roll their eyes at the notion that every story has a happy ending, but that only shows how few good fairy tales they've read. Maybe the watered-down versions of Grimms' fairy tales that...