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I just posted a travel story on fly fishing Slough Creek in Yellowstone National Park here: http://www.worldseers.com/fishing-slough-creek-yellow-stone-national-park/
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New York City, The Lower East Side, 1909 ... “This is the building, Ian. Ninety-seven.” It was a red brick building. The building’s metal steps led to a big, arched doorway. On each side of the doorway was a clothing store.  My mother and I walked up the steps and into a hallway that was long...
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http://www.amazon.com/Caster-Tried-Peace-World-ebook/dp/B002UKOWL6/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1358317899&sr=8-8&keywords=Randy+kadish Making peace with the world, sooner or later most of us have to. But how? For Ian Mac Bride, his way begins almost accidentally when, in 1909, he watches a...
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Now, as I approach the autumn of my life and some, though not all, of my dreams have come true, how do I describe myself? As a wife and a mother who loves her family, as an attorney who admires the law, and as a fly fisher who proudly says she learned from the greatest fly fisher she ever knew: her...
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  ... I opened my eyes and looked forward to my monthly therapy session. It arrived, finally. I told Matt I’d gotten a clean bill of health. "That’s great news.” I told Matt about Dan, and then I spoke about my recent disappointments. “And what does all that mean?” Matt asked. “What do you...
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... Now it was my turn to feel shot full of Novocain. I remembered the power of a good story, especially told by someone who had never written one. I remembered how my father, in his way, had also deserted me and how, even after his death, a part of me wanted him back, partly because I knew if he...
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... Quickly I changed, set up my fly rod, and marched down the narrow boardwalk and up a short flight of steps. I stood at the top of the high dune. A fiery corridor of reflected sunlight blazed at right angles to the advancing, gently breaking waves. The long beach was spotted with only a few...
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... The old angler's laugh sounded like a howl. It chilled me like a wind. I remembered there were coyotes in Westchester. “I have no favorite river,” he insisted. “Why discriminate? Like people, rivers have their own characteristics, but what kind of angler are you who doesn’t know that when you...
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... The next day was beautiful, but I didn’t feel like fishing, until I became desperate to get my mind off my mother’s illness and off the thought that I had probably caused it by detaching from her with an ax. I rode the train up to Westchester, climbed down a steep bank, and waded into the Saw...