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ENGAGE IN ALTERNATIVE REALMS OF IMMERSION. Experiences of immersion are strengthening and enhancing no matter where they occur. Immersion in artistic pursuits is but one realm of possible immersive experience. Other possible realms include intimate relationships, spirituality, nature, experiencing...
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The subject of my first book—homeless women, or more broadly, the role that unattached women living at the margins of society play in relation to the rest of us—came as sort of a surprise. This wasn’t a topic I would have deliberately chosen. And not until after I finished writing the book did I...
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First: a duality Haiku I and me agree, there can be no difference, between I and me. That came to me yesterday while I was writing Verilog (its a hardware language DGMS). That Haiku is true on many levels and the more I study it, the more depth it takes on. Sometimes I think it would be truly fun...
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Just for a bit of inspiration, I dipped into Joyce Carol Oates, The Faith of a Writer. Battling a cold, I'd taken to my bed with her book, the novel I'm rereading--A Separate Peace--and a new book of writing exercises called, Naming the World, edited by Bret Anthony Johnston. In an essay on...