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The Gulf was emerald green as far as the eye could see, only turning a cerulean blue in the deeper water approaching the horizon.  Sand bars of powder white sand sparkled in the sun.  Highway 30A took me through one imaginative beach town to another until I reached Seaside, the setting for filming...
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Listen, I promise not to harp on healthcare today, but being that the President is discussing it tonight, I just want to point out one thing. Over the past few days a heated debate has been going on over an Investors Business Daily article which pointed out a certain provision in the healthcare...
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After a long, relaxing vacation in sunny Florida, I have returned to the gloomy, cooler skies of New Jersey. Well, you know what they say: Ok, actually, they don't say anything about that. Of course the pile of work to be done is immense which is why I am, of course, procrastinating. I am escaping...
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I am sure many of you read the article in The New Yorker a few weeks back, the one about pythons loose in Florida.  They grow to epic sizes and slink around, swallowing up small pets and sometimes alligators.  I'm on the edge of Florida right now, and I'm hoping I will only run into sharks.  No, I...
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Every year for many years, I've gone to Florida for a few days to bob in the green waters of the Emerald Coast.  We are talking Destin, Florida--Ft. Walton Beach, sometimes. This is the location of my first vacation of my life, and call it kismet or call it coincidence, I still love it after having...
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I am meant to be writing a two page film proposal to outline what I see are the main themes for my film. But mind is elsewhere, news just in that American Express, which prides itself on avoiding deadbeat cardholders is losing money because ahem, their "exclusive" members can't pay and...
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Rare is the destination that offers lodging and dining that are both distinctive and outstanding in quality. Here are six places that were delightful surprises in 2008. -- Most noticeable is the dinnerware, an odd but lovely assortment of colorful, antique styles. It goes well with the mismatched...
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http://www.bookseedstudio.wordpress.com A pole. A fishing net. Sea shells in the net. (Let's hope they are castaways.) Colored lights.  Cheery Christmas tree, without a tree cut for delight.    
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Obama is President-elect. I can stay in the USA. But I'm nervous. George Bush has another two months. Coup de George Since his Florida coup, quelle humdinger!George has given the people the finger.Though Iraq's nothing new,This Bushwhacker ain't through:Be on guard for his ultimate zinger.