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  My story in the Pindeldyboz "JOY" issue is up. I hope you enjoy it.  Happy Holidays!
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  A very short piece "Boy in Waiting" is published in the second issue of The Oddville Press.  It is a free pdf download. The fiction editor described the story as "one hell of a oddly disturbingly funny short." Perhaps, you will agree with him or simply think it is...
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I have been trying for a long time to get a story accepted by Smokelong Quarterly, a flash fiction magazine I admire greatly. Finally, it has come to pass! Read my story, Coat and Shoes, beautifully illustrated by Robinson Accola, and the accompanying interview. I am alongside some fabulous writers...
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(Cross-posted with TaniaWrites) Continuing in the spirit of not talking about myself, I have the great honour of hosting Mark Budman, editor of flash fiction lit mag Vestal Review (for which I used to work as a First Reader) and author of the newly-published novel, My Life at First Try, published...
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Have you heard I write short stories too? Well, flash fiction, actually. Every day I'm sending one of these 100 word gems from my mind to your RSS feed at www.jonathandozierezell.com. Here's today's sample below. Enjoy and subscribe for more! Then Ghosts "You have to admit..." he said...
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(Cross-posted with TaniaWrites) A few recommendations for great reading that I've enjoyed this week (links open new windows so feel free to click 'em all!): Flash fiction Missing by Marcia Aldrich, Vestal Review You Should Know This by Meg Pokrass, Dogzplot The Meaning of Life by Tom Robbins...
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I have finally made my mind up and left the WriteWords site today. I was actually intending to cancel my account in March, but I logged in this morning and for the first time in ages had a look round - and then thought: no, enough is enough. It's time to leave on the grounds that it's all very...
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I have been making the same drive back and forth from Hertford, NC to Chesapeake, VA for over five years now. It’s a long, solitary stretch - and over time, things have added up in my mind until it’s like navigating some other dimension. On the drive home last Sunday, a final pin dropped in the...
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The Window   by David Niall Wilson    The window looked out over mean streets and dirty dreams. Smudges of soot, wind-blown grit, and splatters of the last things to go through the minds of bugs and birds alike coated the multi-colored panes, creating subtle shifts in the original artist’s...
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She pulled back the curtains and glanced into the backyard. He was out there again. All she could see was his dirty jeans and one arm, the rest of Artie was tucked up under the hood of what had once been a lime-green AMC Gremlin. He’d picked it up ten years back for a hundred bucks from a hungry...