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There is a lot of redemption to be gained in the simple act of baking a cake. Baking a cake in the afternoon without any heed of the end result. It starts out with the rattling of tins, the rooting around for the right tools. The unfolding of parchment paper necessary to line. The necessity of...
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  Day Five              I'm back at Tammie's.  Being with my grandchildren is temporarily therapeutic.  Teri talked to Dennis, who is still at the house, refusing to leave.  He is angry that I had told him I would...
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Winds strong. Gale force. More promised. One apple tree uprooted. Clothes line blown to the ground. Broken. Snapdragons about to bloom, fall, limbs torn asunder. Garden bells scream. Rest of Europe has Summer. I'm tempted. Cheap flight possible. Faro. Girona. Roma. Anywhere but here. ''What about...
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There are no cracks or stains in the Dulux Colour Guide. The dogs never shed hair. The sofa cushions sit perfectly in line, the way they are supposed to and the flowers remain upright and timeless. There is no dust  and the floors are  free of scuff marks.The footwear of a family is placed in a...