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     It has been over ten years since I have fished trout here in the state where I grew up. This is a therapy I patiently await. This coming Saturday, April 14th, is the first day of trout season here in Verrmont and with the reduced winter snows, the early warming of the lakes...
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  March 5   AND I BELIEVE YOU       “This will be easy,” says my sponsor. “Oh, yes.  Simplicity itself.  I’m sure,” I respond.  “I’ve participated in these plans before.” “We get good results,” she retorts. “I love how you pick goals, which are intellectual...
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October 13       Alarm     I have lived life like one long fire drill.  Is there smoke?  Not always, but I fear flames.  The alarm in my head is with me always and I walk from my life single file and silent.  I don’t move on, this is only a drill, ‘I...
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He was halfway through his fourth pint when the room filled with coppers. It was as if these “undercover” cops had mushroomed up out of the carpet’s filth. Masters of camouflage that they were, they had disguised themselves by removing their uniform jackets and helmets and donning identical dark...
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There are a lot of things I love about Australia....read more
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October 17       Bowman Beach     The swirl with the flash of teeth that I backed away from turned out to be dolphin, but that didn’t make me safer, strangers are strangers no matter who their PR team is.  When I am out of my element fear grows long leads and I am bound by...
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http://www.echospace.org/asset_images/0000/2589/3304219096_large.jpg?1236040688   A few weeks ago I was walking the harbour front. There is a new boardwalk from last year which juts the furthest into the water. A couple of piers go farther, but this boardwalk puts you out there. Near one end...
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My earliest memory is a fish story, and as it is part of my next memoir, I’ll just hint at it here: When Daddy went off to the war in Ohio and Mommy took over his job at the post office, my grandma drew the short straw. Left at home with a three-year-old to entertain, she had to be resourceful....
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I spent the last 5 days in the South. Not L.A. as many Californians refer to as the south - the real South - Mississippi. I lived in the 'Sip  most of my life and this time I had one of those moments that Oprah has made notable, an "aha moment".  I spent several days trying to understand...
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Deciding what to eat can be tricky, sometimes.   Recently, while grocery shopping, I caught sight of produce labeled “straight spinach.” My first thought was it was making a statement about its sexual identity. In fairness to all the other kinds of spinach out in the world, I moved on.   Going out...