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April 11     BIRDS & BEES     Birds and bees can get me drunk.  I have to watch the amount of envy which pours through me as I watch their wondrous bliss.  When others make a bee-line to the hive, I must head to a meeting and save myself despair if my spiritual...
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Photo: Magazine cover of All Due Respect, where you'll find my review of Stephen King's Joyland.   The good people at With All Due Respect Magazine have published my review of Stephen King's Joyland.  It's available right now at this link, and soon in print as well.   126 pages of...
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Photo: Movie poster, from its Wikipedia page.   This is a very well-acted and -directed film that maintains its tension even though you know how it's going to end.  (It's based on the main character's book, after all.)   Paul Greengrass, director of United 93, a couple of Bourne...
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They’re smaller in the water, but no less awesome…two of the pond fish, looking for a feeding.  
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Photo: The book's cover, from its Wikipedia page   This is probably the last of my unread Stephen King books for awhile, in case you were getting tired of my many Stephen King reviews lately.  At 625 pages, this one took half a week to read, and much of it was pretty intense. ...
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  My language partner Kensuke-san recently went to Hokkaido and said he couldn't wait to return there—as soon as next month! When I asked what was so great about it, he raved about the "freshness," particularly of the trees. He used this word, which he wrote for me in the Skype chat window: 新鮮...
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June 27     I am not an Island     Upon finding myself alive I decided to throw my life back into the sea.  I was not living on this dry and sandy shore.  The baking sun does nothing to improve me.  I was dis-engorged onto the beach, but never belonged there....
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Just a quick announcement, I'll be writing a little more about the process we used, a couple of tools, and, of course, the ultimate publication of a short children's story called Verano the Fish. Download it for free in the iBookstore. The story is by me, told to the kids originally while their mom...
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I met a fisherman on the 1 train last night.  I have met fishermen before—I’m from the Pacific Northwest, and have fished myself—but this was a first in New York.  It would have been hard to miss him even in a packed subway car.  His two large fishing rods, like a pair of periscopes...